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Fitting #3 Seed for #

Posted by Sam Tynan on

San Antonio, here we come!

After visits to cities like New York, Chicago, Philly and L.A., the Dougie show makes it's first of two stops in the Lone Star State. Dougie seems to be on a mission and working with Jack Stark before each game is keeping his focus razor sharp. 

The Dougettes need to start making some open threes and getting to the free throw line. This will happen this weekend as Red-Bull will make 2-3 a game and Ethan will be back to his Bomb making self. 

Coach Mac seems to be relaxed and in a good place and the team needs this attitude to make a deep run in this tourney. Possible match ups with Huskers, Ducks or Badgers are ahead, but don't seem too overwhelming like some in the past.  

Unlike our former rival, The Jays play well when they Play Happy!!!


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